A brief history of the Office of Distance Learning

UFSC Office of Distance Learning (SEAD) was created in May 2004.

The Office was invited to design educational materials for the training courses on e-MEC – the electronic monitoring system of the processes that regulate higher education in Brazil – developed by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

In July 2009, SEAD held a cycle of teleconferences with the participation of students and coordinators of the e-Tec Program – Open Technical School of Brazil – from all around the country to disseminate the importance of technical professional training and of distance education in Brazil. The event was promoted by the Ministry of Education through the Secretariat of Distance Learning and the Secretariat of Professional and Technological Education (SEED/SETEC/MEC).

Currently, SEAD aims to develop structuring actions to institutionalize and regulate Distance Learning at UFSC, in addition to providing conditions for the provision of distance short-term training courses and undergraduate and graduate (certificate) programs. Since the restructuring of the office in 2016, SEAD now houses the Center of Multiprojects in Educational Technology (NUTE) and the Universidade Aberta do Brasil (UAB) [Open University of Brazil] Center with their respective responsibilities.